compostable Cutlery Kit 7″

Compostable Cutlery utensils are made 100% from organic renewable resources, able to compose completely and biodegrade. This new formulation could stand extremely high temperatures than other cutleries. The modern matte finish brings out a polished and sophisticated appearance to the diners.


Product Code: GC80675
Carton Quantity: 400 pcs
Pack Size: 400 kits x 1 pack
Carton Size: Length: 18.9″ x Width: 14.96″ x Height: 11.02″
Carton Size: Length: 48 cm x Width: 38 cm x Height: 28 cm
Case Cube(ft3 / m3): 1.8 / 0.051
Gross Weight: 8kg
Net Weight: 7.4kg
Ti x Hi 6 x 7


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