24oz Sugarcane Fiber Salad Bowl

Sugarcane Fiber Bagasse Kraft Bowls are a “Must-have” for your daily meal packaging, for restaurants, food trucks, film Kraft services, catering, special events, fast food takeout’s and other types of food service establishments. 100% sugarcane fiber is chlorine free, biodegradable and compostable. It meets ASTM D6400 regulations. It can serve hot and cold foods, microwave and freezer-safe, handles grease well, and is cut resistant.


Product Code: GC56273
Carton Quantity: 1000 pcs
Pack Size: 125 pcs x 8 pack
Carton Size: Length: 16.75″ x Width: 9″ x Height: 17.13″
Carton Size: Length: 42.5 cm x Width: 22.8 cm x Height: 43.5 cm
Case Cube(ft3 / m3): 1.68 / 0.04
Gross Weight: 9.4kg
Net Weight: 8.9kg
Ti x Hi 10 x 5
Top Diameter: 208mm
Height: 42mm


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