32oz Compostable Paper Bowl PLA Lined

PLA lined Paper Bowls are an easy and convenient solution for any single service takeout creation. They are perfect for soups, ice creams, and many more. This popular series of products are made from high quality paper, laminated with PLA plant starch, printed with vegetable inks and glued together using a very unique plant starch in the walls and bottom seams — 100% compostable.


Product Code: GC80254
Carton Quantity: 500 pcs
Pack Quantity: 25 pcs x 20 pack
Carton Size: Length: 23.23″ x Width: 10.04″ x Height: 22.44″
Carton Size: Length: 59 cm x Width: 25.5 cm x Height: 57 cm
Case Cube(ft3 / m3): 3.5089 / 0.099
Gross Weight: 11.1kg
Net Weight: 10kg
Ti x Hi 8 x 4
Top Diameter: 115mm
Height: 150mm


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